If your head is spinning trying to figure out what the top vitamins are when it seems like a gazillion are out there, you’re not alone. No denying it can get even more challenging when you’re searching specifically for the best 10 vitamins for men and women separately.

Reality check: it’s not really a gazillion vitamins. It’s actually just over a dozen, and of those vitamins, 9 are water-soluble and 4 are fat-soluble. The geek-speak explanation is that water-soluble ones dissolve easily in – you guessed it – good ol’ H2O so they’re easily excreted from our bodies. That means you need them constantly. The fat-soluble ones are absorbed in your intestines and accumulate. But out of all of them, these are the absolute, need-to-know, best 10 vitamins out there.


Vitamin D is one of the best 10 vitamins for everyone because of its many non-gender specific benefits, like helping with calcium absorption and illness protection. And for you gals, it’s one of the best vitamins for women because it supports a healthy pregnancy. If you’re breastfeeding – or plan to soon – your OB may recommend taking a supplement.


Vitamin A is important because it helps super important body parts function properly, like your eyes, skin, and immune system. No guarantees you’ll have perfect 20/20 vision for life, but you’ll definitely be supporting your eyes to be the best they can be.


If baby making is on the agenda anytime soon, vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for men (and indirectly for you ladies, too.) Some of the benefits include improved sperm count and quality. It’s also a libido-booster, which may come in handy for both of you when life revolves around ovulation tests.


It’s no shocker that vitamin C is one of the best 10 vitamins out there. Think about how much orange juice your parents probably gave you growing up when you weren’t feeling well. But there’s so much more to it! One of the many other benefits is collagen production, the stuff that keeps skin looking young. What girl doesn’t love that?!


Vitamin B12 is one of the best vitamins for men because it can protect from heart disease and prostate cancer. The ladies tend to love it because it’s awesome for healthy skin, hair, and nails. (Psst…if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may be a stronger candidate for a supplement. Consider talking to your doctor about it.)


Vitamin K is extra important for everyone because it ensures your blood clots. And everyone’s body needs to be on its clotting game, because that nifty, under-the-radar skill is what prevents excessive bleeding.


Folic acid is another one of the best vitamins for women, especially those who are expecting, or hope to be expecting soon. That’s because folic acid can help to prevent two of the most devastating pregnancy-related issues out there: miscarriage and birth defects.


Everyone benefits from vitamin B6. Or more specifically, everyone’s brain does. For children, vitamin B6 aids in brain development and for adults, it supports healthy brain function. It may even help with age-related memory loss. And who knows? It could make a good gag gift the next time a friend complains she’s too forgetful or getting old. (Though it’s actually not a gag at all.)


Sometimes it’s all about the numbers. Glutathione can’t prevent you from becoming another year older, but it can slow down visual signs of aging. One study even showed significant decreases in wrinkles (yes, crow’s feet count) and increased skin elasticity.


Curcumin is found in turmeric, which is that pretty, yellow Indian spice, and it’s good for all sorts of medicinal reasons. Two of the biggies are its ability to improve liver function and reduce inflammation. There are even studies that suggest that it can help ease PMS symptoms. #Priceless