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1. How fast will it take for one to experience skin lightening after taking GLUTATHIONE  TABLETS?

The duration of the gradual systemic impact on the average individual:

  • Medium to medium brown complexion – 1-3 months.
  • Dark brown complexion – 1-6 months.
  • Very dark skin colour – 6-12 months.
  • Black complexion – 12-24 months.

2. Why do some people see the results earlier, while others take a long time to see the results?

People’s metabolism and weight are different. The fact that some people can see results faster is because their bodies have absorbed these ingredients well. Finally, dosing is a problem.

3. What is the recommended dose to achieve faster results?

To get faster results, a specific dose from a specific person should be based on his / her weight and skin colour. The standard dose is 20-40 mg per kilogram of body weight for 3 to 6 months.

4. Do you think it is right to take a higher dose of glutathione tablets?

There is no excess of whitening supplements. Some patients initially take mainly glutathione in doses above 500 mg per day. Glutathione and its components are both supplements; they are present in our body. They are water-soluble, which means that if it is too much, they are excreted only through the urine or bile.

Some dark-skinned people have reported that GLUTATHIONE and Vitamin C together for three to six months or more will lighten the skin tone.

5. Can I continue to use some whitening creams or gels and GLUTATHIONE tablets?

If you continue to use the regular skincare regimen (cream, lotion) there is no problem but once the bleaching process has started you may not need to buy cream to apply it to your skin just use GLUTATHIONE tablet alone you can

6. How does the GLUTATHIONE TABLETS process begin? Can the entire skin tone be evened out?

The reason to use glutathione tablets to whiten skin is that it can convert melanin from melanin to light pigment and decrease melanocytes that produce melanin. Reduce melanin, whiten skin.

The bleaching process starts from the inside of the skin (dermis layer) to the outside (epidermal layer), therefore it takes time to see the first change in skin colour. The bleaching process is done from head to toe, which means that your entire body is will have a white and even complexion.

7. How do I consider glutathione tablets? Is it medicine, a vitamin or a supplement?

Glutathione tablets can be considered as diet / dietary supplements. This is not a medicine, so no contradictions and preventive measures are known.

8. Can I use it with my other medicines? Should I avoid anything while taking glutathione tablets?

People taking antipsychotics and chemotherapy should not take glutathione tablets. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks; the presence of alcohol in your stomach is one of the reasons why your body cannot fully absorb bleaches.

9. Can I stop taking glutathione tablets after I have reached the desired skin colour? Should I continue to use it?

It is recommended to continue using it even if you have achieved your desired skin colour. Take 1 tablet daily for maintenance.

10. Is the whitening effect of glutathione tablets permanent? Will my skin return to its original colour after I stop using it?

It is only permanent if you want to maintain the whitening effect (avoid sun exposure). Even if you stop using these supplements, your original skin colour will not be restored, but if you expose yourself to sunlight and other irritants, your skin will turn brown or dark.

11. Will exposure to sunlight affect bleaching when taking glutathione tablets or is it not good?

Sunlight provides vitamin D, but because our ozone layer is consumed a lot, it cannot protect us from ultraviolet rays, so our skin is not safe from being exposed to vitamin D. Sun exposure will indirectly affect the bleaching process, as it helps the melanin pigment in the skin, which may slow down the bleaching process. Sun exposure isn’t very bad, but at least there should be protective measures and make sure you don’t get exposed to the sun for too long.

12. What should I do if I take glutathione tablets and I am exposed to the sun?

Use sunscreen or sunscreen with an SPF of 45-60. It protects you from the harmful effects of sunlight.

13. Are there any adverse effects from long-term use of glutathione tablets?

Oral glutathione tablets have no side effects or interactions, even after long-term use. As we all know, the side effect is the whitening of the skin itself.

14. Can diet pills be taken with glutathione tablets?

L-glutathione is considered a supplement, so it can be safely taken with other medications, vitamins, or supplements.

15. Is it safe for teenagers who want to go white?

Yes, it is safe for teens under 14 and teens of all ages who want to be white. Then the correct dosage should be considered.

The following is the default duration for each skin tone:

  • Moderate brown skin: 1-3 months.
  • Dark brown skin: 3-6 months.
  • Very dark skin: 6-12 months.
  • Dark skin: over 2 years.