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Use Liposomal Vitamins to focus, have better memory and better concentration

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1 review for Focus Ninja

  1. Mindy

    After doing a bunch of research (and reading tons of product reviews) I ordered this and have been taking it daily for about a week now.
    I won’t say that my reaction has been miraculous but I can feel a difference in my mental clarity and my emotional outlook. I deal with depression and what I call “brain weasels” seem to be quieter. (You know, those self-defeating, mental re-runs where every possible failure/rejection you’ve experienced magnifies and runs rampant through your brain at 3am? Yeah, those…)

    The drops are very easy to take, I take them with apple juice. The taste is really not bad at all, so I take a couple drops under my tongue during breakfast and don’t have to remember to take any pills ever again.

    (You know how you have a drawer full of vitamins and always forget to take them every day? Yeah, me too.)
    I haven’t had my levels tested and yes, I am self-medicating but when one can’t afford doctors, one does what one can.
    So while I won’t say that my whole life has turned around, I will say that these seem to be making a very good difference in my quality of life and I’m feeling no side effects, I will keep taking this.

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