Better B12 – Liposomal Vitamin B12 – 30 day supply

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Better B12 – Liposomal Vitamin B12 (30 day supply)

Vitamin B12 is a powerful antioxidant that is known to benefit the central nervous system, cognitive function, digestion, heart health, reproductive health.



  1. 30-Day Supply of Liposomal Vitamin B12
  2. 1000mcg of Pure Vitamin B12 in its Most Potent Form (16,667% DV)
  3. Delicious Taste That Mixes Great in Water, Juices, Smoothies or Your Favorite Recipes
  4. Absolutely NO Synthetic or Artificial Ingredients
  5. 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free
  6. Bottles are BPA-Free, Recyclable (recycling code 2), HDPE

8 Reasons You Should Be Taking VitaBetter Liposomal Vitamins

  1. Up to 10X more effective than standard vitamins
  2. Clinically tested with proven bioavailability
  3. Stays in your body for an extended period of time (2-3 times longer)
  4. Super potent and 100% safe
  5. No more worrying about harmful, useless ingredients entering your body
  6. Won’t cause an upset stomach
  7. Safe for the whole family
  8. No artificial ingredients, gluten-free, 100% vegetarian and no added sugar or harmful filler ingredients.

Many of the most popular vitamin capsules, tablets, and powders are barely being absorbed in your body! The average absorption rate of oral vitamins is only 10-20%! Our Better C Vitamin C Liposomal Supplement Has a Proven 95% Absorption Rate!

VitaBetter Ingredients

  • PC Complex: A naturally occurring molecule necessary for supporting organ health and increasing the body’s ability to break down cholesterol. It’s also a source of choline, which is crucial for efficient brain function.
  • Glycerin: A natural sweetener derived from vegetarian sources.
  • Methylcobalamin: The most bioavailable version of what’s commonly known as vitamin B12, this nutrient is used in cell metabolism, energy production, and anemia prevention.
  • Natural Flavors: Flavorings extracted from natural sources such as spices, fruits or vegetables before being purified and re-added to a food or drink.
  • Stevia: A 100% natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant, this sugar alternative is calorie free and can help in weight loss, blood pressure control, and cavity prevention.
  • Purified Water: The most bioavailable version of what’s commonly known as vitamin B12, this nutrient is used in cell metabolism, energy production, and anemia prevention.
  • Potassium Sorbate: An extremely common, mild preservative used to prevent mold and bacteria growth and spoiling. It is totally taste and smell free.

Absorption: Better C Liposomal Vitamin C vs. Normal Vitamin C

While high doses of regular vitamin C powder or capsules will be rejected at high rates from your body, Better C Liposomal Vitamin C has far superior absorption and efficacy.

Figure 1 shows that, compared with “normal” Vitamin C ingestion (single dose of 4g), ingestion of Better C Liposomal Vitamin C (also 4g) leads to incredibly greater circulating Vitamin C concentrations. Hence, liposomes facilitate maximum Vitamin C delivery to the blood.

Better C Liposomal Vitamin C Effect on Stress Levels

The next step in the study is to determine if the Vitamin C concentration is meaningful. In this regard, an ischemia reperfusion study was performed. Ischemia describes any tissue that has been deprived of blood and oxygen.

Reperfusion occurs when the blood and oxygen supply is returned. Unfortunately, reperfusion can cause massive oxidative stress on your cardiovascular system, as the oxygen interacts with metabolites produced by the oxygen-deprived tissues. Per the green line in the Figure 2, oxidative stress was drastically reduced even during the increased oxidative stress of reperfusion.

Backed By Science

When nutritionists first realized that much of an individual’s vitamin intake wasn’t being absorbed by the body, they turned to biologists to help create a delivery system that is 100% effective.

Biologists identified the digestive tract as the problem. The volatile acids in the stomach combined with our bodies’ natural defense systems, designed to keep things out of the bloodstream, are too much for traditional vitamin delivery systems to overcome.

VitaBetter Vitamins are the only liposomal delivery technology with proven bioavailability. That’s because we use a natural process called liposomal encapsulation, which creates a vitamin that actually mimics a cell in the human body!

Meet The Chemist and Scientist Himself!

Dr. Emek Blair, Ph.D. earned his undergraduate degree at Occidental College and performed his graduate work in Bio-Analytical Chemistry at The University of California, Irvine where he received three major awards for his work on enzymes and lipids.

Over ten years ago, Dr. Blair discovered a natural method to form liposomes, which we apply to producing our liposomal products. Because this method is derived from nature, our process is unique and does not require high pressures, high temperatures, or toxic synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Blair has formulated over 60 unique liposomal formulas that have successfully been brought to market. In 2014, one of his formulas was recognized at SupplySide West—the largest conference for product manufacturers and formulators—as one of the top five anti-oxidant formulas at the conference.

Dr. Emek Blair, Ph.D


8 Reasons You Should Be Taking Vitamin B12 Daily

Feel more energized
and boost your energy levels

Feel more focused
and accomplish more

Upgrade your memory
and improve concentration

Improve your digestion

Boost your mood
and feel happier

Protect your heart and
improve cholesterol levels

Get healthy skin, hair
and nails

Speed up your metabolism

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27 reviews for Better B12 – Liposomal Vitamin B12 – 30 day supply

  1. Phil

    I have been taking this liposomal vitamin for over two months now and I have to say that I feel great. No way of knowing if it is attributed to VitaBeter B12 but I am not going to stop. Just ordered another bottle. I mix it with grapefruit juice. It is sweet and the juice neutralizes it. Haven’t changed any other vitamins so it is the only variable. I am in my late 60’s and very physically fit. I still do physical construction work so I need to keep the energy level high.

  2. Nicole

    Amazing!! Fast energy! Won’t workout without it! Gives me the extra energy to complete a high energy cardio class without getting tired. Tastes GREAT!!! No gitters!!

  3. Shelly

    You can feel the pickup almost instantly. I often get tired after lunch. If you have a high stress job (Real Estate Loan Officer) or just need a quick pick-me-up, this is just the ticket. Especially if you take some good quality Omega 3-6-9 (like N*w foods) in the mornings.

  4. Patty

    Took about a week and all of a sudden I realized I was no longer taking an afternoon nap–it’s amazing I really do have a lot more energy.

  5. Lily

    I ordered this product to supplement my vegan diet. The product arrived promptly, is pretty much flavorless and has not caused any gastric upset during the 2 weeks that I have been using it. I haven’t had my labs checked yet so I can’t verify its effectiveness as a supplement.

  6. Brad Fuller

    No need to dilute as tastes better straight on the tongue. Have only just started using this product so don’t know about benefits yet to health but great taste. Bit pricy so hope it works.

  7. Rhonda (verified owner)

    My anemia makes me constantly tired. When I started taking Liposomal Vitamin
    B12 I felt it’s effects almost immediately. My energy level doubled and the
    numbness in my toes began to fade. I felt back to my old self again. I will
    definitely be ordering more and I recommend it highly.

  8. Krissy

    The Vegan Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops taste mush better than expected. The dosing dropper is marked in .25, .5, .75 & 1 ml increments which helps greatly with dosing.

  9. Hiedi

    The next best thing to B12 shots–easier and more convenient! This product gives me the boost I need for energy and focus. A quality product!

  10. Sandra

    This is the best B12 supplement that I have ever tried. It has greatly increased my energy levels. I’m not so tired during the day. I’ve found that it’s also elevated my mood and made me less anxious. I will definitely be purchasing more when this bottle runs out. Highly recommended!

  11. Elsie

    I say high quality because I felt more energetic immediately upon using this product. My spouse and I eat primarily vegan with some vegetarian meals now and again. Therefore I thought it was time to implement a B12 supplement.

  12. Robin

    I need more energy and this did not do it for me any suggestions.

  13. Linda R.

    Scott you were RIGHT! Thank you for taking the time. I appreciate you.
    Do you have a subscription or coupons?

    • Scott


      I will email you some coupons. Thanks again for the praise.


  14. Geoff

    I have been off my ADHD meds for almost a year now and I finally found something that makes me feel in complete control of my body. I am balanced, energized (regular in the bathroom like I used to be ) and cognitively 100 percent all the time. Anyone taking this, PLEASE remember to take EXACTLY as directed.

  15. Charles

    I love that this B12 is liquid form. Great taste and vegetarian. Good quality and potency. Most are only 1,000 mcg. I will definitely continue using as my daily dosage and refer to others.

  16. Stephanie

    Really happy with this product…notice a difference within days of better well being.

  17. Lisa

    I like to write reviews because I personally use them when trying to decide on a product. With that said, I have to recommend this product wholeheartedly. I received it on Sunday as promised and started it on Monday. I was amazed that I actually FELT the difference in one day! I have an autoimmune disorder and fatigue is my enemy.

    By 2p I’m washed out no matter how much coffee I drink and I work 12 hour days as well. I needed help with this and chronic brain fog. Today I did not have the afternoon ‘lull’ that I am accustomed to for the first time in months!

    I did not get tested for B12 deficiency but because of chronic sickness, I knew I more than likely had B12 issues because sickness keeps the body in chronic stress and depletes the body of minerals and vitamins. I had been taking a B complex for months without any desired result. I started taking the Turmeric supplement

    Vitaber makes and was floored at how effective it is for my chronic pains! I chose to try their B12 based on the success I have had with their turmeric and I’m glad I did.

    Don’t waste your money on OTC vitamins, they just don’t work! The body does not assimilate them well and it’s a waste of time in general. Spend the extra for something that works, like Vitabetter products do. For those nay-sayers, I would only add that perhaps you do not have a B vitamin issue and that is why your body did not respond. Because of my autoimmune disease, I DO NOT respond favorably to most products – stubborn immune system- so when I can say something works, it is because it truly works! I hope others can benefit as I have. I will follow up after a month to see how I’m faring with the B12 and let others know as well! Hoping I have nothing but wonderful things to say!​

  18. Gilbert

    Love the fact that it’s a vegan product Love the taste absorbency really good the price little bit high but all in all vegan b12 really works well

  19. Karen

    I love my Vitabetter vitamins because I can feel them working right away.

  20. Erik

    This is the first B12 I’ve perceived any benefit from consuming. My wife, who shuns supplements and pills, asks for this in the morning!

  21. Valerie

    My daughter and I have both been using Vitabetter Liposomal B12 liquid vitamins for the past three months. I see some energy boost with it and improved well-being. She sees loads of benefit for her. She’s 23 with PCOS and we both have been very carefully following a low-carb diet. The B12 seems to really top off the tank so to speak. Now, if we overdo the carbs we feel it with or without the B12. I would recommend this Liposomal B12 vitamin to someone who either knows they are B12 deficient and want something very bio-available, someone who knows they have the MTHFR gene that affects methylation (we both do), or someone who is already eating in a way that has really boosted their energy levels to a whole new standard and wants to see if B12 can take them to the next level. Honestly, this is too expensive a product to use as a first stop. I’d address diet first because it is cheapest and heartily recommend Whole 30 or FODMAPS as a place to start. If you want something that really really works then try vitamins with liposomes, the best that I have had so far.

  22. Tina

    I was taking B12 injection shots, which was totally a hassle. I would skip the injections as it was inconvenient. I LOVE this product! I can take Vitabetter Liposomal B12 everyday now, Just 3 pumps and I am good to go. This is a better way to supplement, and this tastes delicious. The product goes with any liquid (Juice, Almond Milk even coffee). I even give it to my kids and they love it too. With the Liposomal B12, I know that my body is absorbing it.

  23. Sherri

    My B12 intake has been really low so my doctor ordered me to take B12 vitamins and then return for a follow up. I bought this product and after my follow up blood work, my B12 intake was right where it needed to be! will order again. Looking into your bundles now.

  24. Becky

    I really like this B-12. It’s vegan, high bioavailability which is extremely important to me. It’s important for vegans to supplement with a quality B-12 and this one fits the bill. I’ve noticed an increase in energy. I also tried it with my picky 13 year old son and he likes it. I’ll be ordering again.

  25. Travis

    I like the taste and that it enter the bloodstream quickly. I place the dose under my tongue for faster absorption. It gives me energy and makes me less tired. I like this site because of all of the science and videos. Doctors really do not know too much about liposomes or liposomal vitamins, at least my doctor does not. I have Kaiser and yeah in and out.

  26. Jenny

    You can feel it working right away. Not like traditional vitamins

  27. Veronica

    I like that this B-12 is in a liquid form and is very easy to take plus it tastes good.

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