Private labeling is when you take top qualitytime tested and proven formulations and package them with your brand, logo, and label.

Vitabetter is the One-Stop-Shop, Private Labeling Expert

Unlike most, Vitabetter offers you a complete line of vitamin stock formulations – all of which you can private label. These formulations have been time tested, refined, and polished to offer the very best quality available. Whereas most companies require very large initial orders to “qualify” for private labeling, Vitabetter offers a low, minimum order of only 50 bottles per item under your own label. This allows you to get started with your private labeling without having to incur a large, upfront fee.

Establishing your own brand name of products!

Private Labeling can be an important step in establishing and maintaining your account base. Marketing products with your name, logo, design, and address on the package helps to ensure that customers identify with your company both for initial and repeat purchases.

Private labeling is a service that has been offered by Vitabetter for more than 10 years. You may choose to apply your own label to any of stock products or you may elect to establish your own brand name on one or more custom formulations that are exclusive to your company.

Need custom artwork for your private labels?

Vitabetter employs a dedicated, on-site art department that can design custom labels around your brand. Vitabetter also has an on-site print department that can facilitate the fulfillment of your custom labels.

Do you already have artwork or labels for your products? Not a problem, Vitabetter can take your pre-designed artwork or your pre-printed labels and integrate them seamlessly into our production line. This gives all our customers the maximum amount flexibility while eliminating extra and unneeded steps.

What about fulfillment and turnaround?

We offer a wide range of fulfillment services. From receiving orders, warehousing, order pick & pack, (pick pack) to inventory management and worldwide shipping. Whether you’re an established multi-channel brand or a small-start up expanding your online or mail order sales, we guarantee that we can fulfill your business needs, supporting you with solutions to grow your domestic or international customer base.