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10 Ways (Liposomal) Glutathione Can Boost Your Health

Looking for the best liposomal glutathione for health can cut 500mg of glutathione per serving. Glutathione is an important antioxidant, naturally present in every cell of the human body and protecting against free radicals and peroxides. In the body, glutathione is produced by three amino acids: L-cysteine, glycine and L-glutamic acid. Glutathione exists in the body in two forms: reduced and oxidized. The oxidized form can be recycled and converted into a reduced form through important enzymatic reactions in the body. Glutathione is also present in many diets, although the amino acid precursors are higher in food. This antioxidant is essential to make the most of the body’s cellular defences and immune system.

Optimal liposomal glutathione uses a unique liposome delivery method to support the optimal uptake of this reduced glutathione and to protect fragile molecules through the digestive tract. Liposomes are small phospholipid vesicles that mimic the body’s own cell structure. Liposomes may be better absorbed by the cell membranes in ways that ordinary water or fat-soluble nutrients cannot absorb. Our liposomes are composed of non-hydrogenated phospholipids derived from GMO-free sunflower oil. This is a soy-free product.


Glutathione is the “main antioxidant” of the body. It directly inactivates dangerous molecules that directly lead to the cell membrane and structure ageing, DNA damage and oxidation (“rust”). Dangerous molecules that deactivate glutathione are called “free radicals” and “reactive oxygen species” (ROS). They are produced by normal metabolic activities, but also by exposure to the environment (ultraviolet rays, smoke, heavy metals and pollution). Glutathione also recycles other antioxidants, such as vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin E. All of these antioxidants can also inactivate free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS): in addition to being an important antioxidant, it also protects cells and organs through its key role in the second stage of detoxification. Glutathione also plays a key role in energy production and methylation, the two main processes of normal cell function. Finally, there are reports confirming the role of glutathione in inhibiting melanocytes and causing hypopigmentation. , Has a brightening effect on the skin.

Glutathione Can Boost Your Health

This is a long list, but this is because glutathione is an antioxidant. From relieving Lyme disease symptoms to improving liver function to detoxification and pain relief, glutathione is naturally produced by the human body, but with age, glutathione levels will decrease. The good news is that you can use Core Med Science’s liposomal glutathione supplements to boost your levels. Let’s see what it can do:



Terrible tick bites – usually enough to keep you away from camping and hiking in the woods. Every year, 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control, and Lyme disease symptoms can persist for several years.

After being bitten by an insect, a person becomes infected with the disease through infection with bacteria, a type of spirulina, and the infected cell is called Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb). If left untreated, the spirochetes can cause permanent inflammatory damage to the heart, brain, and joints. Immediate antibiotic treatment can kill the bacteria and most people can recover, but despite antibiotics, some people will continue to experience debilitating symptoms, including brain fog, cognitive impairment, fatigue, and joint pain.

Chronic Lyme disease causes an “alert” immune system, which can be the main cause of these symptoms. Others believe that spirochetes, which can bypass the immune system, are the problem. In any case, the glutathione pathway plays an important role in all inflammation of the nervous system, especially in Lyme disease. In response to the initial infection, the immune system’s white blood cells (neutrophils) increase their glutathione levels tenfold to fight spirochetes and subsequent inflammation.

Glutathione levels generally decrease in patients with chronic Lyme disease. Neuro-inflammation can cause weak fatigue and terrible “brain fog”, making it difficult to think or concentrate clearly, and even cause memory disorders. Many patients find that using glutathione liposomes can help them function effectively and reverse some of these symptoms. Those taking liposomal glutathione reported increased overall energy, decreased muscle fatigue, and reduced neurological symptoms.


Signs and symptoms of autism in a 3-year-old

According to a report by the Department of Pediatrics, 1 in 40 children in the United States have autism, and important research that helps children with autism live a fulfilling and prosperous life continues. We know that children with autism have lower glutathione content. So what does this mean? Lower levels make it more difficult for the body to deal with the increased oxidation and detoxification of heavy metals and organic toxins.

In a recent study, the use of oral or transdermal glutathione supplements showed that glutathione plasma levels were successfully elevated in 13 children with autism. Higher levels of glutathione can aid cognition, mood swings, communication, and speech. These changes are gradual but accumulate with long-term use of liposomal glutathione.


In the United States, when the human body attacks its own tissues through the immune system, autoimmune diseases increase. More than 30 million Americans have suffered, and many have been undiagnosed. These diseases can be caused by environmental toxins, stress, gut leakage (80% of the immune system is in the gut) and alcohol. When this type of tissue damage occurs, cells are attacked and destroyed to create a lot of “oxidative stress”, leading to inflammation and symptoms, such as fatigue (multiple sclerosis), joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease), brain fog (lupus, multiple sclerosis) memory problems and rash (psoriasis). With the intensification of “oxidative stress”, glutathione will quickly become exhausted. Supplementing glutathione can relieve symptoms quickly in many cases.





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Nobody wants to feel tired and exhausted all the time. Energy production takes place in the mitochondria, the energy factory of the cell. They are also responsible for sending a signal to the cell to die when the condition worsens. Mitochondria are constantly attacked by reactive oxygen species (ROS).

These oxidants can damage mitochondria and reduce their energy production efficiency. Mitochondria use mitochondrial glutathione, or mGSH, to defend against this continuous attack. mGSH is not actually produced in mitochondria but must be introduced into mitochondria from the “cytosol” of cells producing GSH.

GSH must pass through the mitochondrial membrane to help protect the mitochondria, keep them functioning properly, and keep cells alive.

What does it mean?

In short, this is a large part of the energy we feel. When we provide GSH with liposomal glutathione, e not only increases glutathione levels in the bloodstream but also supplies phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is part of the mitochondrial membrane to keep them fresh. PC is also a part of liposomes in liposome glutathione (7). Lower the level of mGSH, you get sick and the total energy of the brain, muscles, heart, liver and kidneys decreases. Supplementing glutathione liposomes can help resolve the feeling of “Why am I always so tired?”


The skin is our largest organ, and being an external organ, it tells us our age better than anything. We all want to look good. We use creams, moisturizers, wrinkle removers, peels and lasers to make our skin look younger. Some people also want lighter skin and look for glutathione, which has been shown to prevent melanin from forming in the skin.

Glutathione does this through several mechanisms, but mainly by blocking an enzyme called tyrosinase. In a review of published studies with different types of glutathione (reduced, oxidized, liposome, topical, intravenous, etc.), it was concluded that almost all forms of glutathione have a certain clarifying effect, but glutathione also has the effect of conditioning of the skin, for example, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin, in other words, it has extensive protection and an anti-ageing effect on the skin.


Liver Function Tests: Approaches to Liver Disease -Narayana Health

You may be concerned about liver function without drinking alcohol. We all need to pay attention to. The liver is our main filter for removing toxins (such as drugs and alcohol), but it also plays a key role in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the synthesis of clotting factors, cholesterol processing and bile production. It can be said that we are “only as good as the liver”, so we have to protect it. Glutathione is a molecule that can make our liver function better. Since glutathione itself is a detoxifying agent, it is found in large amounts in liver cells.

A good model for studying liver function is a disease called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In a study of 29 participants, taking 300 mg of glutathione daily may decrease and decrease the liver enzyme ALT (an elevated marker of NAFLD) as liver function improves (19). Glutathione treatment can also reduce other markers of NAFLD (such as triglycerides and unesterified fatty acids). The use of glutathione in liver disease has encouraging results. The use of highly absorbent liposomal glutathione products is the best choice because phosphatidylcholine in liposomes has its own beneficial liver function.


The immune system is our body’s defence system. When it comes to the strength of the immune system, most people usually think of vitamin C. In addition to liposomal vitamin C, you should also consider adding liposomal glutathione to your daily work, especially if you are under stress, sleep deprivation or patients for a long time (flu or cold). Or suffer from chronic infections such as Lyme disease.

We know that glutathione can help fight infections (bacteria, viruses, etc.) by activating white blood cells that fight infections (such as natural killer (NK) and T cells). GSH-enhanced T cells can produce more anti-infectious ‘substances’ and control factors for bacterial and viral infections. Clinical studies have shown that GSH can increase the “killer” effect of NK cells by 100% after 6 months of use. Glutathione actually has a direct antibacterial effect, as it can help immune system cells resist the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. According to the researchers, “GSH may regulate the behaviour of many cells, including immune system cells, enhance innate immunity and adaptive immunity and protect against infections by microorganisms, viruses and parasites”. A strong immune system is essential for good health. Including glutathione in your daily supplements can increase your chances of survival.


We are not talking about softening the music. In our modern society, it is almost impossible to be exposed to environmental toxins such as heavy metals. They are present in our air (pollution), water, food and cosmetics (therefore clean, non-toxic cosmetics have appeared).

As humans, we have a built-in system to remove these toxins. Glutathione is central to this process because it directly binds heavy metals and helps make them more soluble in water so that they can be excreted from bile and urine through a process called ‘conjugation’ and ultimately excreted from the body. In fact, performing heavy metal detoxification procedures without using liposomal glutathione (which is a good way to get glutathione into the bloodstream) asks for problems or may cause some unnecessary pain.

Many people use chelating agents, substances that absorb heavy metals from the tissues in which they are stored, mainly fat. Chelating agents such as DMSA, EDTA and DMPS are synthetic, while chelating agents such as coriander extract and chlorella are natural.

Another healthy way to get rid of heavy metals is to lose weight, especially fat. As heavy metals escape from the tissues that have accumulated over the years, they enter the bloodstream. This is a particularly unstable period because heavy metals are toxic substances and can cause very violent reactions. For example, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, antimony and fluoride all hinder several important steps in mitochondrial energy production, the so-called citric acid cycle (CAC). To neutralize these toxins and restore energy, high levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) are needed.

Many people with heavy metal toxins have very low glutathione levels, but restoring these levels can almost immediately replace depleted energy stores. There are almost no organs in the body that can withstand the effects of lead, but the brain is most affected, especially children. The extremely low lead content in children can have a lasting effect that lasts into adolescence and adulthood. Lead damage is caused by a large increase in oxidative stress because lead causes an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS). Glutathione can stabilize ROS and reduce the damage caused by lead toxicity and all other heavy metals mentioned above.


Mist is not necessarily your normal state, and taking caffeine is not a healthy answer. The reason for the poor energy production of our cranial nerve cells can be inflammation, which can lead to fatigue, brain fog, slow processing speed and memory problems. Glutathione effectively solves these problems, especially when taken in liposome form.

Glutathione protects the mitochondria (our energy factories in each cell), overlap the damage caused by reactive oxidants and binds to environmental toxins, slowing down the production of ATP for energy consumption by the cell.

Glutathione is like a fire hose and extinguishes the ignited torch. Liposomes The liposomes in glutathione have a therapeutic effect to improve mental sharpness. They are made from phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is a rich source of choline. Conversely, choline is used to make acetylcholine (ACh), the neurotransmitter responsible for brain concentration and alertness. The entire autonomic nervous system also uses ACh. This unconscious mechanism maintains our heart, lungs and other organs. The combination of glutathione and phosphatidylcholine can significantly increase energy – sometimes 30 minutes after taking a dose of liposomal glutathione.


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Do you live with constant joint pain and muscle fatigue? As mentioned above, glutathione instantly eliminates oxidative stress and directly regulates inflammation by affecting white blood cells such as natural killer (NK) and T cells (white blood cells), preventing damage such as chronic arthritis, Lyme disease, etc. The insult gives a balanced response.

Even drug toxicity. Many customers reported that joint pain and muscle fatigue improved significantly after using liposomal glutathione.


Technological Advantage:

  • The glutathione in the product is “encapsulated” meaning that it is naturally “trapped” in microscopic spheres called liposomes.
  • Glutathione is a very fragile molecule composed of three amino acids that are easily broken down and destroyed by bile and stomach acid, so the only way to really absorb glutathione orally is to use liposomes.
  • The phosphatidylcholine complex (PC) that forms liposomes can also supplement our own cell membranes with fresh phospholipids (components of cell membranes) to improve cell structure. Equally important, mitochondria are the organelles that produce energy in each cell, they have their own inner and outer membranes in which the final step of ATP (energy production) takes place.
  • It is important to point out that the liposomes in this product are produced in a natural process with no increase in pressure, temperature or solvents to ensure that the phosphatidylcholine liposomes remain unaltered and are not hydroxylated.