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Frequently asked Questions about Glutathione supplements

What is glutathione and its role in the body?

Glutathione is present in all our body’s cells. It is often called as a master antioxidant as it removes toxic chemical from the cells and enhance its longevity. It is composed of three essential amino acids 1) Glutamic acid, 2) Cysteine, and 3) Glycine. These amino acids combine via peptide linkage, results in L-glutathione that detoxify the whole body from free radicals. It supports and boosts the immune system and helps to protect different tissues in the body such as the heart, brain, lungs, skin, arteries, and liver.

Glutathione is important for the healthy growth and functioning of immune cells. In the absence of glutathione, the defense system poorly tackles pathogens and infectious agents. Glutathione also helps in the prevention of cancer via detoxification of carcinogens and supporting the therapeutic action of certain treatment options.

What is the role of Glutathione in gastrointestinal health and what about aging?

Research studies have also shown that glutathione protects the gastrointestinal lining from oxidative damage and reduces the risk of ulcer, gastritis, and other gastrointestinal damage due to toxins. Glutathione supplements also delay the aging process by its antioxidant activity because oxidative stress damages cellular integrity and results in aging.

How long it takes for liposomal Glutathione supplement to work and give results regarding skin whitening?

The desired outcomes of liposomal glutathione mostly depend upon the skin complexion. For example, it has been reported that individuals having dark brown complexion get results in 3-6 months, and those having very dark complexion often takes a longer time up to 6-12 months. Also, people with fair to medium brown complexion get quick results in 1-3 months, while those with black skin complexion wait for 1 to 2 years or more to get the desired outcomes.

In the case of other benefits, it takes enough time to give optimal and better results.

What are the other factors affecting the desired outcomes of the liposomal glutathione supplements?

In addition to skin tone and complexion, the time it takes for the desired outcomes also depends on the individual metabolic rate and weight that affect the absorption and concentration of glutathione supplements.

What is the recommended dosage of liposomal glutathione supplements for quick and optimal results?

The dose of glutathione supplements is usually based on the skin tone and body weight of an individual. However, the recommended dose of quicksilver liposomal glutathione is 20-40mg per kg of body weight for 3 to 6 months.

Is a high dose of liposomal glutathione being safe?

So far, overdosage or toxic dose of whitening supplement has not been reported. As all the components of the liposomal glutathione supplement is water-soluble and exist already in our body, so a high content can easily be excreted in urine and bile. A dose higher than 500 mg or up to 1000 mg has been reported safe and well-tolerated. However, it should be taken according to the doctor’s or label’s instructions.

Note that if the formulation contains any additives or chemical substances then it may lead to adverse events.

Will Vitamin C potentiate its effect?

Yeah, individuals with dark skin complexion have reported positive significant results of liposomal glutathione supplement by dirobi when used in combination with Vit C. It is because Vit C keeps the glutathione in its reduced or active form that can be easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes it is necessary to use larger doses (2-3 times) of Vit C than glutathione supplement for better results.

Is it fine to use or continue to use some whitening cream or gel along with a liposomal glutathione supplement?

Yeah, there is no issue with the use of your regular skincare regimen in combination with liposomal glutathione supplements. However, when it starts its work and you notice visible signs of its effectiveness then stop using other skin creams and gels. Because the quicksilver liposomal glutathione alone will fulfill your desired skin outcomes.

How does glutathione supplement work?

Liposomal glutathione lightens the skin in two ways, first, it increases the production of light pigments from dark melanin pigments and second it reduces the number of melanin-producing cells, known as melanocytes. Because melanin is responsible for the darker skin tone.

Will it give a uniform skin complexion all over the body?

It will provide a uniform and complete skin complexion from head to foot because the whitening process starts in the inner layer of the skin (dermal layer) and later extends to the outside skin layer (epidermal layer). Because of this reason, it takes time in the beginning to see visible changes, and later on, the user will have a uniform white skin tone in the whole body.

What is the nature of liposomal glutathione?

This liposomal glutathione should be considered as a food or dietary supplement. It doesn’t have any component of drugs or other chemical substances. It is a pure and natural substance.

What are the substances that are contraindicated with the use of liposomal glutathione supplements?

It should not be concomitantly administered with certain medications like antipsychotic drugs such as Haloperidol etc. and chemotherapeutic agents like Cisplatin etc. Also, don’t consume alcohol or other beverages that negatively impact the stomach and disturb its absorption.

When to stop the use of quicksilver liposomal glutathione?

It is advised to continue the use of glutathione supplement doses even after getting the desired outcomes. Some people stop its use after achieving the desired skin complexion but that is not advisable. According to literature take one pill or 500 mg at least a day as a maintenance dose.

How long the whitening effect of liposomal glutathione supplement lasts?

Don’t worry, the whitening effect of the glutathione supplement is permanent until you regularly exposed to sunlight and follow a healthy diet. No evidences are showing that the skin color reverted again to dark once lighten by liposomal glutathione supplement.

How the sun affects the whitening effect of the glutathione supplement? Is it bad to expose to the sun?

It is advised to not expose yourself to sunlight for a longer time when you are using and getting a positive effect from liposomal glutathione. Because sunlight increases the production of melanin pigment in the skin layers which might delay or negatively affect the whitening process. Take some precautionary or protective measure against sunlight while receiving therapy of liposomal glutathione supplement.

What kind of protective measures should be followed against Sunlight?

There are no special or laborious precautionary measures just take a sunblock or sunscreen having SPF of 45-60, and use it on those part which are going to be exposed to sunlight.

Do glutathione supplements have any side effects?

No, the use of liposomal glutathione supplements has not been reported with any side effects. It is safe even for a longer duration to achieve perfect skin complexion. It does not cause hair whitening if it is free from Tyrostat. However, with intramuscular injection of glutathione skin rash has been reported in some individuals.

Does glutathione negatively affect the liver and thyroid functioning?

No, it is safe and has no negative effect on the liver and thyroid gland function. It also has an important role in the detoxification of free radicals, chemicals, and toxins by the liver. In the case of the thyroid gland, it improves both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism thus have no harmful effect on thyroid functioning.

Is there any interaction of glutathione supplements with slimming pills?

No, there is no such interaction reported with the concomitant use of quicksilver liposomal glutathione and other slimming supplements. It is safe to use these supplements. 

What makes the liposomal glutathione supplement by dirobi unique?

We offer a safe, pure, natural, and potent glutathione dietary supplement. It is free from side effects and has no contraindications at all. Its consumption doesn’t involve any specific precautionary measures. It is formulated via a special procedure and does not contain any hazardous chemicals, steroids, and additives. It is effective and beneficial for both men and women.

Also, liposomal glutathione acts in its unique antioxidant cycling style to give better skin whitening outcomes for a longer time.

Is glutathione FDA approved?

It is important to note that all the dietary supplements are usually safe and do not have any approval from FDA. So, as quicksilver liposomal glutathione supplement is a dietary supplement thus it falls in the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) category and doesn’t need any approval from the FDA.

Why glutathione has a sulfurous smell?

Due to its biologically active sulfur tripeptide linkage, it slightly smells like sulfur.

What are the storage conditions for the liposomal glutathione supplements?

It is recommended to store the glutathione supplement at room temperature and dry place. It can be stored in the refrigerator but not necessary. Also, keep it away from children and don’t expose it to direct sunlight.

Is it safe for children and teens?

It is advised to consult your doctor before giving it to children under 14 years of age. However, it is safe for teens to take liposomal glutathione supplements for skin whitening.

What are the other benefits of liposomal Glutathione supplements?

Glutathione (GSH) plays an important role in our health as it is present in cells throughout the body. It neutralizes free toxins and radicals such as superoxide, lipid peroxides, carbon radicals, hydroperoxides, and nitric oxide in the cells by its antioxidant property.

It also supports and enhances our immune system to perform well against pathogens. Due to its antioxidant action, it protects the DNA, cell membrane and also supports energy production and metabolism.

Who else can benefit from the Glutathione supplement?

Apart from skin whitening, it can also be used by the following peoples to improve their health and wellness.

  • People with low sperm count and Melasma problem.
  • Those who drink Alcohol.
  • Those older than 40 years of age.
  • People with liver impairment, cataract, and poor immune system.
  • Those who smoke, and exposed to chemicals.
  • Individuals with Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease.

Is it important for healthy individuals?

Yes, the body needs and maintain an optimal level of glutathione throughout the life. But as we grow older or get sick its level drops and may lead to a deficiency of glutathione. So, looking into that scenario we regularly need an optimal dose of liposomal glutathione to keep our body in good state of health. Infections, Stress in life, chronic diseases, poor diet, and pollution also results in the depletion of glutathione.

Also, those individuals who exercise regularly also need a daily intake of glutathione to improve recovery time, avoid injuries, and strengthen the immune system.

What kind of diseases deplete glutathione’s stores? Or What diseases are expected with glutathione deficiency?

There are numerous chronic diseases and other medical conditions that deplete glutathione or in the case of glutathione deficiency, those diseases can easily attack the body. These include Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, muscle atrophy, cancer, hepatitis, malnutrition, the toxicity of acetaminophen, and stress.

The deficiency of glutathione also prone the individual to kidney, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Keeping and maintaining an optimal level of glutathione can improve the quality of life.

Is there are any medical study conducted on the efficacy of glutathione?

Yes, numerous studies are proving the effectiveness of glutathione. Among them, one study published in Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry showed GSH has Improved and retarded the disability by 42% in patients with parkinsonism.

One of the assumptions about this beneficial effect is that glutathione increases the sensitiveness of certain brain areas to dopamine and makes it more effective.

Can liposomal glutathione supplement improve symptoms of medical dysfunctions?

Yes, the use of liposomal glutathione can improve the symptoms of following dysfunctions due to its effective antioxidant activity.

  • Parkinson disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue

It improves the rigidity of muscle, depression, tremor, and ability to speak. In some cases, it was involved in making the hair stronger and prevent oxidative damage to hairs.

What is the recommended dose for Glutathione supplements for its optimal Antioxidant activity?

The daily recommended dose of liposomal glutathione supplement is 10 mg per kg for optimal antioxidant and anti-aging activity. It is also recommended to take it before meals on an empty stomach for optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Which combination or types of glutathione supplements in the market are not safe?

Yeah, different combinations and types of glutathione supplements are available in the market claiming potential benefits. However, it has been reported that don’t consume formulations containing Tyrostat (L-Tyrosine) and titanium oxide orally.

Also, avoid the use of Goat and sheep extract containing glutathione supplements. Because these combinations can result in pimples, breast firming, hair discoloration, and fat deposition.

Also, wisely consume the fat-soluble vitamins such as Vit A, D, and K for a longer time in combination with glutathione supplements. So, before buying your best liposomal glutathione supplement kindly check and consider the label content.

What are the natural sources of glutathione?

Glutathione can be found in certain fruits, vegetables, and animal’s meat. These include Avocado, Orange, Kiwi Fruit, Papaya, Spinach, Asparagus, Cabbage, Rice germ, Tomato, Cucumber, Wheat flour, Pork liver, Beef Shank and Baker’s yeast.

How glutathione assists cardiovascular functions?

Glutathione act as antioxidant and diminish oxidative stress generated by lipid peroxides, reduce the risk of inflammation in arteries, stabilize platelets, decrease cholesterol level, and also prevent damage to the lining of arteries. All these functions assist and improve symptoms of cardiovascular dysfunctions.

How Glutathione improve brain functioning?

Glutathione supplement is considered as a natural brain’s master antioxidant defense component as it protects the brain’s cells and tissues. Because of this important role, it improves cognitive functions, alertness, focus, and memory retention. Also, by neutralizing oxyradicals and other radicals it slows down and prevents the progression of brain injury, neurodegeneration, down syndrome, and schizophrenia.