Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What flavoring do you use?
    We use natural plant extracts made in the USA for our flavors.




  • Can I return the product?
    Due to the effectiveness of our product and how many orders we receive, we can not accept any returns. All Sales are final.
  •  Should we be concerned that the flavors are being delivered with the liposomes?
    No, the flavoring is done after the liposomes are already formed. If you let the bottle sit for a long period of time, the flavor may even separate a little; this shows that while the flavors disperse well in the bottle, they are separate from the liposomes. After all, you are interested in the active being liposomal, not the flavor.
  •  How much VitaBetter can I take per day?
    Please follow the directions provided on the product label of the vitamin you are taking.
  •  What time of day should I take VitaBetter?
    It is up to you, with or without food does not matter.
  •  Is VitaBetter safe for children?
    Everyone should consult their healthcare provider prior to using this product.
  •  What is VitaBetter’s product guarantee?
    We have a 365-Day (1 Year) 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Yep, you read that right. No catch. You don’t like the product for any reason, simply ship it back to us (even if it is an empty bottle!) and you will be refunded for your product order.
  •  How are liposomal vitamins different than regular vitamins?
    They differ in the way that they are delivered and thereby absorbed into your body. The process is a highly specialized and cutting edge delivery system called liposomal encapsulation.
  • A liposomal vitamin is similar to that of a cell inside your body, which allows it to be absorbed up to 10-times more than the average oral vitamin.
    …But it’s not just about the unprecedented, sky high absorption rates. It’s also about having the highest quality ingredients in the world!
    That’s where Better C by VitaBetter really outshines other Vitamin C supplements you find in stores.
  •  I left my VitaBetter in extreme heat/cold. Can I still use it?
    As with all food, excessive temperatures may damage the product (especially heat) but cold is not an issue.
  •  When do my VitaBetter vitamins expire?
    Look at the MFG date on the bottom of the bottle. The vitamin will expire in 18 months from that date.
  •  What, if any, preservatives are in VitaBetter?
    Potassium sorbate is a very useful preservative that can be naturally found in some berries. We use no added artificial preservatives.
  •  What is the proper way to store VitaBetter?
    We recommend in a cool dry place away from light, your refrigerator should work well.